Reverse Mortgage Upraise

We at Living Productions are dedicated to providing quality reverse mortgage education via our series of short documentaries on the subject. Since our conception we have produced quite a number of documentary series on various reverse mortgage issues. Our products reflect a high quality coupled with top standard video production increasing the value of information and education contained in our short videos. 

Reverse Mortgage Upraise is our main feature production. The Reverse Mortgage Upraise documentary is a 30 minutes documentary that focuses on the great “upraise” since the conception of reverse mortgage quotes on the internet. The documentary was produced about eight months ago and took about six months to produce.  

The Reverse Mortgage Upraise documentary traces and highlights on the roots of reverse mortgages, how it started, its initial forms and how interest in reverse mortgage greatly increased once the ability to attain quotes was introduced on the web. The 30 minutes documentary contains pictures of important places, personalities and documents in the history of reverse mortgages and its upraise on the world wide web.  

The details in the film were researched by two renowned professors of mortgage history. It was adapted for documentation and filming by a team of experts led by another professor, a master in his profession. The team made sure that no important detail were omitted and arranged the screen script for shooting. The filming crew was made up of seasoned experts in the world of educative documentary filming. Two mortgage experts served as narrators that explained in detail how reverse mortgage began and how the great “upraise” interest in it spread once quotes were introduced to the internet. 

Since its release, our Reverse Mortgage Upraise documentary experienced great success as it was widely accepted by the mortgage community. Educators now use it to teach students while many mortgage practitioners also adopted it to use in imparting reverse mortgage information to prospective clients. Our other educative documentaries film production includes a 5 part series on the “Pros and Cons of Reverse Mortgages”.