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Hire a Camera Guy

Hire experienced cameramen at Living Doll Production. 

iVideo Editing

Living Doll Productions offers video editing for competitive prices


Our photographers are creative, dynamic, authentic and deliver quality shots.

Online Marketing

Online marketing is now all about video. Together our partner LinLeads we build marketing campaings.


Video is about storytelling. Sometimes animation is needed to tell the whole story.


A video can become more valuable when drone footage is added.

Live streaming

When your audience can’t make it to your event, we will bring the event to them.


We train clients on how to add video to their marketing mix.



Video marketing isn’t easy to do, but when it’s done right, there’s no better way to get people to do business with your business. 70% of marketers say that video conversions are higher than other kinds of content. Videos are more engaging, more memorable, drive more traffic, and hold almost every other advantage over text.

Because of video’s high conversion rate and ever-growing popularity, it is now more popular than text marketing. Average consumers watch 206 videos per month, and 59% of senior executives said that if there’s a text-only option and a video-only option on a given topic, they’ll choose video. We know that the video marketing takeover is inevitable, so let’s examine what video can do to contribute to your success.

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about Us

We are a collective of professionals with a passion for all forms of visual content.

  • Corporate Movies
  • Commercials
  • Campaigns
  • Social Content
  • Anniversaries
  • Aftermovie
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  • Live stream