Mission Statement

Living Productions was established about three years ago. Our outfit is made up of a team of mortgage experts working with a professional filming crew. Our mortgage experts research and come up with reverse mortgage information to be made into documentaries while the film crew conceptualizes it for film. Based in the US we have been able to produce a number of documentary film products that have been widely acclaimed in the mortgage industry.  

Our mission statement from the very beginning has been to strive to always produce educative and quality reverse mortgage documentaries that can be used to impart reverse mortgage knowledge and serve as a basis of making sound reverse mortgage decisions. Our vision is to continue to produce innovative easy to understand reverse mortgage documentary products and remain the leading source for reverse mortgage educational products. 

Our establishment came out of the need to facilitate the dissemination of reverse mortgage information so that more people can become aware of its existence, benefits and risk. We believe that such information is vital to their ability to make better sound reverse mortgage decisions.  

Reverse mortgage is a unique form of mortgage designed for elderly people who are usually in their retirement age. The minimum qualifying age is 62 years. Apart from the age factor the individual should own a home or have made a substantial repayment on his mortgage loan. One of the attracting unique factors about reverse mortgages is that the beneficiary does not risk losing his or her home as long as they reside in it. The lender is only paid after the house is sold of the beneficiary moves out from the house.  

Reverse mortgage loans can be accessed as fixed monthly income, as an open line of credit or based on a combination of both methods. However coupled with the obvious benefits or reverse mortgages are some drawbacks which might not make it suitable for everyone. Our aim is to use our reverse mortgage documentaries to help people know all they need to know on reverse mortgages.