You are welcome to the official website of Living Productions, an educational documentary organization. Through three years of existence we have been dedicated to producing short educative film documentaries on reverse mortgages. Our films are well researched, professionally script written and shot to produce high quality documentaries.

All our documentaries are produced to serve as educators and informative gems in the reverse mortgage industry. 

Living Productions was established to fill the information vacuum that existed in the reverse mortgage industry. Reverse Mortgages are loans that are designed to benefit older citizens that qualify for them. A lot of people have benefited from reverse mortgage packages while many who could qualify are not aware of the benefits. Many who can enjoy reverse mortgage benefits go for conventional loans putting their homes and financial security at risk.  

Our mission statement shows that we are dedicated to providing easy to understand film documentaries that can provide information on the history, benefits, disadvantages, requirements and all other information pertaining to reverse mortgages. Our films and documentaries are being used in colleges and by mortgage professionals. Please feel free to go over our site and see information on our collection of reverse mortgage documentaries. 

Our feature film production is a 30 minutes documentary called “Reverse Mortgage Upraise”. This is a documentary presentation on the history of reverse mortgages, its development stages and upraise of acceptance that it received.  

Pros and Cons of Reverse Mortgages is a series of five documentaries on reverse mortgages. Each of the five series ranges in length of 15 -25 minutes and addresses various aspects of reverse mortgages. In line with our mission statement all our video documentaries are designed to educate and provide insights on reverse mortgages. Pros and Cons of Reverse Mortgages are designed to help people make informed decisions on reverse mortgages.  

For information on our products please visit the appropriate sections of our website or contact us.